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We have gained a reputation for organization, attention to detail and a well-structured approach to projects, making us the practice of choice for international partnerships.  

A fluid, dynamic, two-way exchange of ideas and experiences is a major feature of our working environment and we are constantly on the look-out for ways to improve our services, both to our clients and the international firms with whom we work.   

Our in-house expertise covers the full spectrum of architectural services, from initial design concept through to planning, project management, environmental consulting and transactions advice.

Our design approach stems from a passionate desire to integrate the multiple social, cultural and environmental conditions that exist in Ghana with internationally-recognised standards of design and execution, creating a sustainable design for all types of architectural projects, at all scales, from the private to the public and civic.  

We give particular care and emphasis to the economical and efficient use of materials and resources: low-energy and water consumption; water treatment systems; consideration of climatic conditions and the use of passive heating, shading and cooling techniques; natural ventilation and the use of solar energy are all integral parts of our efforts to meet the highest international standards of sustainable design.  

We recognize that time, quality and cost are paramount to our clients and are therefore of paramount importance to us. We believe that close collaboration, ease of communication and good management skills are key factors in our successful record of projects and partnerships to date. 

OOA’s offices are 100% solar powered!
With the installation of a 4.5 kW photo voltaic system, comprising of 18 solar modules, solar and battery inverters and a 48 volt battery bank with storage capacity of 22 kWh we are 100% independant from the national grid and reducing our carbon footprint by 4.5 metric tons of CO2 per year.
High quality components all made in Germany, guarantee uninterrupted availability, equipment  and data protection at all times.