orthner orthner & associates

EDGE "Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies"

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable architecture in Ghana, Orthner Orthner & Associates (OOA) is partnering with IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, on accelerating the adoption of green building practices in countries such as Ghana. 
OOA has always nurtured a culture of sustainable architecture within our organization.  Most of our projects, including the Offices for the World Bank Group / IFC along the Independence Avenue, incorporate green building practices.  

In addition, we have presented our ideas about green buildings at several workshops and conferences including the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy (ECREE) conference in Cape Verde and Dakar that finalized the ECOWAS contribution to the Paris Climate change agreement and issued a draft Green Building code for West Africa. 

We welcome the EDGE initiative as a step in the right direction for sustainable architecture and it is our great pleasure to be the first Ghanian Architectural firm to  partner with IFC to support and entrench sustainable architecture in Ghana and around the world.   


IFC supports greater private sector investment in green buildings and is seeking to achieve green building market transformation in a growing number of countries including through the promotion of voluntary green building certification programs based on the EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) software, standard, and certification system.   

OOA and IFC are establishing a framework for greater collaboration in pursuit of their shared aspirations to move the architectural and building industry on to a lower-carbon, more resource-efficient path. 

To this end, OOA is committing to catalyze and/or complete EDGE certifications in Ghana and the West African region in the first year following this announcement.   

As is our Culture at OOA, we will continue to promote sustainable design practices in emerging markets, and with IFC jointly present the benefits of using the EDGE software application at mutually agreed conferences, seminars, and other events, and through papers, articles, or research. 

Together with IFC, we look forward to green building practices becoming the norm rather than the exception.