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Legon City Lofts 

LOCATION: East Legon, Accra
PURPOSE: Residential
AREA: 800 m2 GFA


Photos by: Benjamin Orthner


ARCHPOSE - June 2020
Legon City Lofts

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LIVIN SPACES - July 2019

Legon City Lofts brings sustainable tropical housing to Ghana

APSAIDAL - May 2017
Legon City Lofts



Award Win

Legon City Lofts won the Award for the best
Residential Development at the

Legon City Lofts, located in one of the sought after residential areas in Accra is a contemporary interpretation of traditional building concepts for tropical climates.
The airy, loft-style design of the four residences, the landscaped garden areas, swimming pool, sauna and gym facilities perfectly supplement the concept of a creative, exciting urban living experience in the midst of one of the busiest metropolis in West Africa. 

The aim of the design was to create one of the first sustainable real estate developments in Ghana.

The entire building is self-shading with overhangs, roof projections and screens protecting the facades from direct sunlight while encouraging sufficient day lighting.

The long sides of the building are oriented along the East-West axis with no unprotected openings to the North and South.

The roof and façade design mitigates against possible heat island effects and are specifically designed to prevent heat build-up.

Double glazed thermal windows help to prevent heat gain and to avoid energy loss through cooling.

The use of locally produced rammed earth walls for the fence walls and  sustainable hardwood for the façades, sun screening, privacy screens as well as external decking is unique and provides an example of the innovative use of local materials. Local materials also have the added advantage of being low in embodied energy, this means that relatively low energy is used in its production, and since it is locally sourced relatively low energy is needed to transport it to site.

A 5 star VRF AC System is used. This is possible due to the above mentioned design measures which allow the building to passively cool itself, thereby lowering the heat load and the energy required to cool the building.

LED lighting and low energy consuming electrical devices are used for the entire project.

Eco Smart showers and mixers are saving 60% of the water usually lost through taps and showers.

Double flush water saving toilet systems  lower the volume of water usually lost through flushing toilets.

Solar thermal hot water is cutting back the energy consumed from the grid to heat water by using energy from the sun .

To take advantage of the high exposure of the roof to the sun, a Solar Photo Voltaic system is installed to allow the building to generate its own energy, thereby reducing the energy consumed by the grid.