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The SAX 

LOCATION: Tesano, Accra
PURPOSE: Residential
AREA: 1200 m2 GFA































Samartex is one of the leading, sustainable and socially responsible wood processing companies in Ghana. The Samartex Apartments in Tesano are following the principles of sustainable use of materials and resources, low energy and water consumption, waste water treatment and reuse, solar water heating and photo voltaic power generation.
6 townhouses are forming a unique development, comprising 2-3 bedroom units over three floors from 130-150 m2 with a 50 m2 roof top terrace offering stunning views over Tesano and the surrounding neighborhood.
The design of the building should reintroduce the significance of wood as a building material, especially to fulfill the high demands of residential buildings in tropical conditions.
Built with a reinforced concrete structure all walls are built as an insulated timber frame construction, with vapor and wind barrier membranes, an open timber batten façade and shading elements, parquet doors and origami wooden stairs, as a showcase of the high quality of Ghanaian timber and workmanship.
The light, heat insulated wall and roof structures with thermal glazed windows and the sun screen facade, create together with the adobe walls humidity and heat regulation for a comfortable living environment.
The walls in the ground floor are plastered with clay and decorated with a modern interpretation of traditional Ghanaian patterns and reliefs, showcasing century old building traditions as the basis for a modern, state of the art light weight structure.
The open and transparent fence with a little public park with benches and indigenous plants will invite the community and passersby to pause and relax and go on a visual time travel through the different building cultures and regions of Ghana.
This project has helped revitalizing competency in the Ghanaian construction industry through experienced skills transfer, the local artisans who are working on the project are now able to work with modern materials such as the timber frame multi - layer construction, where local artisans were trained by specialists from Germany.