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Mallam Atta Clinic - New Maternity Unit

PURPOSE: Healthcare



Mallam Atta Market Government Clinic (MAMGC) is located within the  catchment area of the Mallam Atta Market (one of the biggest markets for foodstuffs in Accra).

Majority of the traders in the market are women as well as those who come in to buy foodstuff. Pregnant women and others who need delivery services will have to travel longer distances to get delivered due to the lack of this facility in the clinic. According to records from the clinic an average of 112 antenatal cases per month are attended to. However, none of these cases are able to deliver in the clinic as there is no delivery ward to cater for the mother and child. Again, about 3,000 patients visit the facility on a monthly basis.

When OOA heard about Rotary Club of Accra Ridge’s desire to support the Mallam Atta Market Government Clinic (MAMGC) with a maternity unit, we were moved to be a part of it, especially after visiting the clinic and meeting the dedicated staff who run the clinic in the face of many challenges.

The design process incorporates the search for something distinctive, as well as care for the user experience and the impact on the environment.  
We sought to create a cocoon or womb like barrier between the busy, loud market and the calmness of the clinic. This thought gave rise to thick earth walls that cocoon the clinic and protect it from the hustle and bustle of the market. 

On the calm clinic side, transparency and openness are used to encourage user interactions as well as allow the flow of light and air into the spaces. Light and ventilation also flows into the spaces through the roof design which is elevated to allow their passage.
Careful architectural design incorporating sustainable interventions ensures that the building will not only deliver a pleasing user experience, but will save water and energy and allow for cheaper running cost and maintenance.  The roof design incorporates solar panels, solar hot water and rainwater collection. A biofilm digester is  specified for its sustainability.

This MAMGC seeks to be a stimulating and memorable space that staff and mothers as well as fathers can experience with all their senses and leave with a sense of tranquility and wellness.

Rotary Club of Accra - Ridge
believes the construction of the maternity/delivery unit will enhance the health care services for pregnant mothers and children. Pregnant mothers will not have to travel to another location or health center to have a baby. Another impact is the provision of a safe delivery environment for many women who trade in the market and occasionally may require emergency attention.

The project is directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 – Good Health and Well Being and 5 – Gender Equality.